As an administrator or program manager working in an organization account with multiple listings, you'll want to be able to quickly get to the right listing you want to update. You can use filters and the search bar in the Listings section of your dashboard to make it easier to get to the listings that you've set up or are managing.

How it works:


You can filter the displayed listings by any combination of these three categories:

  1. Point of Contact: If you are looking for a listing where you have set yourself as the point of contact, just click the checkbox next to your name using the Point of Contact filter. By default, your name will always appear first in this list.
  2. Position: Use this filter to only view listings associated with one or more positions.
  3. Status: Use this category if you want to filter based on the listings visibility (whether it's public and viewable by candidates, or private and only viewable by your team).


If you know the name or part of the name of the listing you are looking for, you can type this into the search bar to view results matching your search. For instance, if I'm a program manager and looking to update our team's listing for Philadelphia, I can type that city into the search bar to view listings that include "Philadelphia" in the name.

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