Describing your application process for candidates

Define "Next Steps" for an applicant who applies to your listing. Decide if you should include a link to offsite requirements.

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As part of adding a recruitment listing on, you'll be able to describe the "Next Steps" that a candidate can take once they've applied to your listing. This is a way to help applicants better understand your organization's application process and can be used to highlight any additional requirements you need applicants to complete beyond sending their resume and Service Year Application.

When do applicants see "Next Steps?"

After a candidate applies to your listing on, we'll encourage them to check for "Next Steps" they might need to take as part of your initial application process. 

Until you add your own text in the "Next Steps" field in your listing, they'll see this message by default:

Adding a description to the "Next Steps" field in your listing allows you to personalize this message for your applicants. Here's an example of how you could write this if candidates do not need to take any immediate steps on their end after applying to your listing:

If you have initial requirements that an applicant needs to complete beyond sharing their resume and Service Year application (which will have been shared with you when they clicked "Apply" ), you can include instructions on what they need to complete. Additionally, you can include an offsite link in the "URL to Additional Application Requirements" field in your listing. When you include a URL, a candidate will be able to head to that link by following the "Complete Next Steps" button that will appear on the modal. 

While we strongly encourage you to customize your "Next Steps" text whenever including a link, if you choose not to, this is the standard message that applicants will see: "This organization has some next steps they would like you to complete. Please follow the link below."

Adding "Next Steps" and a URL to your listing

When creating a recruitment listing, you'll have a chance to add "Next Steps" and a URL when completing the "Application Information Section."

When writing your "Next Steps" and determining whether to include a link to an offsite application, here are a few items to keep in mind:

  1. Personalize your "Next Steps" Description: You are writing directly to someone who has just clicked "Apply" on your listing, so make sure that it speaks to someone in that context.

  2. Asking for additional information: You can ask for additional information in your “Next Steps” description. However, please keep in mind that candidates will have already shared with you their resume and Service Year application (including any answers to additional questions you asked). 

Deciding if you should include a "URL to Application" link: Only include a link in the  "URL to Application" field if you have an offsite application that candidates need to complete as part of an initial application, or if you are linking them to more specific guidance. We don't recommend linking to a general organization website, or to any page where there is no clear call to action pertaining to the candidate's application. 

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