Once you have a certified position on ServiceYear.org, you're set to start recruiting for new service year corps members. You'll just need to publish a listing to get started.

In your organization dashboard, go to the “Listings” tab to add and publish a recruitment listing. Once you've created a recruitment listing, you can continue to update it each year. When a new recruitment cycle begins, you can just update any fields that have changed (such as the recruitment window, start and end dates, and living allowance).

Deciding how many listings to create:

We leave it up to you to determine how to best recruit for your position. In many instances, you'll likely just be adding one recruitment listing; however, there might be instances in which it makes sense to add multiple. 

If there are other staff who will be helping with this process, this will also be a good time to add additional members to your account. Adding additional colleagues will help them manage recruitment and serve as points of contact on listings.

Here are just a few examples of how you might set up your recruitment listings.

One listing:
Adding a single listing likely makes the most sense in the following situations:

  • You're utilizing one general position description, and there is no information in your listing that you needs to be differentiated based on placement sites or geographic locations
  • You don't have multiple applications you need to link people to
  • There is only one individual who is responsible for recruitment and who needs to serve as a listing point of contact 

Multiple listings:
While you can add as many locations as needed to a listing, you also have the option create listings for specific regions or for placement sites. If you are placing members in more than one site, you might want to take this option if:

  • Your listings utilize specific descriptions for placement sites or cities/regions that you'd like to include in the listing description
  • You want to assign different points of contact to manage the listing and recruitment follow-ups
  • Your different sites or regions have different start/end dates or application windows that you'd like to highlight
  • You have more than one application you need to send candidates to
  • You have different eligibility requirements and benefits for different locations

Adding and publishing your listing

Section 1: Recruitment Information
Fields you'll add in this section include:

  • Listing Name (This is one of the ways candidates can search for you)
  • Listing Description-- This can be the same as the position description, or can be tailored for a specific region or site, as needed
  • Number of members you're currently recruiting for
  • Start/end dates and application window
  • A link to your application-- If you don't have a link, you can include a line at the end of your listing description to let candidates know next steps to apply

Section 2: Listing Benefits & Recruitment
Fields you'll add in this section include:

  • Benefits--These will be inherited from the position, but can be updated if needed for different sites or regions
  • Qualifications
  • Listing point of contact--The point of contact must be an account user for your organization. By default, it will display the selected account user's email; however, you do have the option to display a separate email (e.g. applications@yourorganization.org). Notifications will be sent to the alternate email if one is entered. Keep in mind when including a separate email that to view interested candidates, you will need to log in using an account associated with your organization.

For extra guidance on setting up and promoting your listings, you can also check out our "Recruitment Best Practices" article.  

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