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Invite your service year corps members to join
Invite your service year corps members to join

Learn how to enroll corps members you recruited outside of to connect them to resources like the Virtual Companion

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What is the benefit of inviting my corps members to join

Enrolling your corps members gives them access to:

  • Receive the Service Year Virtual Companion, which provides tips and guidance throughout their service year, as well as access to all of Service Year Alliance’s corps member & alum resources

  • Recruit their friends to do a service year by sharing a referral link

  • Connect with corps members and alums from across the country through on-platform messaging

  • Stay up-to-date with news & opportunities when they become alums, including through Service Year Alliance’s The Alums Corner: The Scoop After Service newsletter

  • Explore post-service opportunities at the end of their service year

How it Works:

1. Create an invitation link: Go to your "Listings" tab, and click directly on the name of the listing you are using to enroll your service year corps members.

On your Listing Summary page, you can then select the button for “Invite Corps Members to Enroll.” When creating your link, you'll just need to select the location where members will be serving, and will have the option to modify their start/end dates.

Don't have an organization account or listing yet? Here's a quick overview of how to set up your account and add a listing. If you have any questions while getting started, let our team know.

2. Share the link with your corps members: Your corps members can use this link to confirm their service and create an account with a name/ email/password.

Here's a template email you can adapt to share with your members. To use this, you'll just need to insert your invitation link before sharing.

Viewing your enrolled corps members:

When your corps members confirm their enrollment, you'll receive a confirmation email:

You can follow the link in your email to the "enrolled" tab in the Corps Members section of your organization dashboard, where you'll be able to view all of your enrolled corps members.

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