Along with being able to enroll all of your service year corps members that you recruit directly on platform, you can also invite the rest of your corps to join so that they can be connected to our community and resources. 

How it Works:

1. Create an invitation link : Go to your "Listings" tab, and click directly on the name of the listing you are using to enroll your service year corps members.

This will take you to the Listing Summary page, where you can select the button for “Invite Candidates to Enroll.” This provides you with a unique link that you can copy and email to your corps members.

Please note that prior to completing this step, you will need to have created either a recruitment listing (for organizations with premium access) or an enrollment listing (for organizations with basic access). For organizations with premium access, you can use a listing that is public or private, and it does not need to be actively recruiting.

2. Email the link to your service year corps members:
 See below for a sample template that you can use when emailing your service year corps members about joining

3. Enroll your service year corps members: When your service year corps members sign up by following this link, a notification will be sent to the listing point of contact. At this point, you can return to your Listing Summary page to complete the enrollment. You can filter the view of "Candidates" on this page to show only individuals who have entered via your enrollment link. Simply click the "Filter" button and select the filter for "Pre-enrollment link."

To enroll all service year corps members who have signed up via the invitation link at the same time, select the the checkbox at the top of the candidates section, click the "Enroll" button at the top of this table, and complete the brief enrollment form to finish the enrollment. Please note that if you are enrolling multiple members at once, you will need to select the same location, supervisor, and start/end dates for each individual. 

Emailing your service year corps members:

Once you've created a pre-enrollment link, you'll want to send it out to all of your accepted service year corps members so that they can sign up and become enrolled on Below is a template you can use when communicating this opportunity with your service year corps members. Please feel free to modify or use your own language as most appropriate for your program when sending this out.


I'm inviting you to join [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] on This platform is hosted by Service Year Alliance, an organization that works to bring resources and opportunities to those doing a service year and those who have served. This include resources to support you during your year like the "Surviving Your Service Year Guide," opportunities like Virtual Career and Higher Education Fairs to help connect you to post-service opportunities with employers and schools interested in service year alums, and more. You'll also receive regular updates throughout the year, and be able to stay connected to the service year community when you graduate as an alum. 

Just follow this link and fill out some brief information about yourself [INSERT PRE-ENROLLMENT LINK] to sign up. Once you complete this step, we'll be able to complete your enrollment on our end so that you can start receiving news and resources!


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