Recommending your listings

Use “Find Matches” and search for leads. Proactively build your pipeline by recommending your listings.

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Updated over a week ago offers a two-way search, meaning that just as individuals can search for your opportunities, you can search for prospective candidates who have signed up and are eager to serve. If you discover someone who looks like a good match, you can recommend your listing to encourage them to apply!

How to find leads:

There are two primary ways you can discover individuals to recommend your listing to:

1. Matches: View suggested matches in the "Find Matches" section of your dashboard: This feature will automatically suggest individuals who might be a good fit to apply to your listing (based on attributes like interests and education level). Just choose the listing that you are recruiting for, and you’ll automatically receive results for potential candidates. You can learn more about a potential candidate by clicking on their card to view their profile. 

You can save matches that you’d like to follow up with later and dismiss matches that you don’t plan to reach out to. Any matches you dismiss will no longer show up as a match for that listing. 

Please also note that your results are automatically filtered to not include individuals who have already been saved, recommended a listing, or applied to a listing with your organization. You can use the “Additional Options” button if you would like to include these individuals in your results. 

2. Search: Along with "Find Matches," you can also search all individuals who have published profiles and are looking to complete a service year by using the “Corps Members” search page, accessible via the top and footer navigation. 

You can filter your search by a number of different areas, including location, focus area(s) of interest, and education level. If using this feature throughout your recruitment cycle, you can also filter your results to only show individuals who have joined most recently (e.g. if you checked on a weekly basis, you can just view results for those who signed up during the past week). 

Recommending your listing:

If you have a listing that is actively recruiting, you can click the “Recommend A Listing” button on a candidate’s profile to send them a note inviting them to apply to your listing. If you have more than one listing, you’ll be able to select the specific one you’d like to recommend. 

You’ll receive a notification if a candidate accepts your recommendation and applies to your listing.

Tracking your recommendations

Anyone you recommend a listing to will be added to your "Leads" tab for that listing.

If a candidate you recommend your listing to accepts your recommendation and applies to your listing, they'll move over to the "Candidates" tab.

As with candidates, you have the option to message your leads if you'd like to share more info or encourage them to complete an application. 

Saving Leads:

Along with recommending your listing, you can also click the “Save to leads” button on someone's profile to save them to your "Leads" tab. This action will not send any notification to the potential candidate.

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