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How to review and follow up with applicants. What it means to enroll and decline candidates

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What happens when someone applies to my listing?

Potential applicants can discover your listings in one of three ways:

  1. They see it as a suggested match based on preferences they've filled out when signing up

  2. They discover your listing by browsing and searching the directory of all active listings

If a candidate finds your listing and thinks it might be a good fit, they can click the "Apply" button on the listing to send an application. You'll receive an email notification when a candidate completes an application. This update will include a link that allows you to view the candidate's application (including answers to any additional questions you’ve added), resume, Service Year profile, and LinkedIn profile (if a link has been provided to LinkedIn). All of this information will be provided in quick links you can access at the top of the applicant's details page. 

If you've shared "Next Steps" in your listing, applicants will also be able to access your instructions and/or link to further requirements. 

Locating candidates in your organization's dashboard

Along with receiving a direct link to review a candidate immediately after they apply, you can also navigate to all of your candidates at any point by going to your organization dashboard. There are two spots where you can view candidates:

1. "Corps Members" section of your dashboard: The "Candidates" tab in the "Corps Members" section of your dashboard will contain every active applicant for your organization. You'll have the option to search, filter, and sort your candidates.

2. Listing Summary Page: If you are only looking to view applicants for a specific listing, you can also go to your "Listings" tab and click directly on the name of the applicable listing. In this section, you will see a list of all active applicants for that listing. 

Following up with applicants:

When reviewing an applicant, you can also follow up with them directly to thank them for applying, share more information on the next steps in your application process, or to set up an interview. You can use the "Send Message" feature to follow up directly on with next steps or reminders. Alternatively, you can use their provided phone number or email to reach out to them.

Logging actions on candidates:

As you review applications, you can log actions you take on candidates, so that you and your team can keep track of where candidates are in your application process. 

When you click “Log an action” on a candidate page, you will be able to select any of the actions that are appropriate for the candidate. 

Once you log an action for a candidate, that action will become visible on that section page. In the “Candidates” section of your dashboard, you will also be able to filter all of your candidates by those that you have logged actions for.

Taking notes on candidates:

In addition to logging actions, you can also record internal notes for you and other team members to reference. Similar to actions, notes are for your team's internal use only and are not accessible to the candidate.

When on the candidate's information page, simply type a note under the "Note" header, and click "Save" to record your note.

Declining and Enrolling Candidates:

If you are no longer considering a candidate, click "Decline" on their candidate card to remove them from your dashboard. 

If you accept any applicants into your service year program, you can click the "Enroll" button on their candidate card to enroll them. You should only complete this step after you've notified someone that they have been accepted into your program. Enrolling a corps member will flag them as serving with your organization on their corps member profile, and also allow Service Year Alliance to share resources and reward opportunities with the corps member. 

You can also enroll and decline multiple candidates at once by going to your "Listing Summary" page. To get to your Listing Summary page, head to your "Listings" tab in your dashboard, and click directly on the name of your listing. This will provide you with a view of all candidates. You can multi-select candidates to bulk decline or enroll them. 

Declining and enrolling candidates will help make sure that your dashboard is up to date, and that your "Candidates" tab reflects only candidates that you are actively considering.

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