Host Organization Eligibility

Determine your eligibility to join as a Host Organization

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Organizations that offer service year opportunities meeting Service Year Alliance's certification criteria, as well as all direct AmeriCorps grantees, are eligible to join as Host Organizations. Please note that if you are a subgrantee of an AmeriCorps organization, your information will likely need to be added through your grantee’s account. Here is more information on how intermediary host organizations and their subgrantees can join If you are in this situation and want to talk through your setup further, please reach out to our team.

Organizations are required to provide their EIN when enrolling on Currently, organizations utilizing the following legal forms are eligible to sign up: 501c3, federal government agency, local government agency, public higher education institution, religious congregation, state government agency, or tribal government. In order for your organization to become public and use for recruitment, you will first need to submit your service year position(s) for certification and have your position approved.

At this time, Service Year Alliance is not certifying any international service year opportunities, though we look forward to including international service years in the future. If your organization is not eligible as a Host Organization, but is looking for other ways to get involved with Service Year Alliance, you can review alternate ways to partner with Service Year Alliance on our organization website.

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