Receiving recommendations from organizations

What is a listing recommendation?

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When you make your profile on public, organizations that are looking for new service year corps members will be able to discover you. If an organization thinks you might be a good fit for their service year, they will recommend their listing to you. 

If an organization recommends a listing, you’ll receive an email that says they think you’d be a great candidate to apply. 

You can accept the recommendation by following the link in your email to their listing and clicking the “Apply” button. You can view all of your recommended listings in the "Recommended" section in the “My Service” tab of your dashboard.

If you haven't received any recommendations, make sure you've made your profile public and added some background about yourself so that you make a profile that stands out to organizations looking for new service year corps members. Unless you add content and make your profile public, they won't be able to find you!

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