Team member roles

Different access levels when adding colleagues to manage your account

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Once your colleagues create a personal account and request access to your organization, you can add them to help manage different aspects of your account.

At this time, there are two basic access levels you can assign them:

  • Administrators: Can access and edit all sections of the account. One of the organization administrators must also be designated as the primary contact for the account.

  • Program Managers: Can only access the “Listings” and “Corps Members” sections. Access is restricted to the “Account Settings, “Organization Profile,” and “Positions.” This role is intended for organization team members who will be helping to manage recruitment and/or corps member management. 

All organization administrators and program managers can enroll corps members. There is no limit to the number of team members you can add to an account. At least one admin on your account must be designated as a "Primary Contact."

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