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Once you’ve created a personal account, you’ll be able to enroll your organization. Before taking this step, there are two items to double-check:

1. See if your organization is already enrolled:

We’ll first prompt you to check if your organization has already been enrolled. If it has, you can request access to join your organization, and an existing admin on that account will be able to review your request for approval.

2. Reference your eligibility to join as a host organization:

Additionally, prior to enrolling your organization, please check your eligibility to join as a host organization. In particular, if you are a subgrantee of another AmeriCorps organization, your service year opportunities will likely need to be added through the direct grantee's account. Our team is happy to talk through any questions you have on eligibility.

Enrolling a new organization:

When you are ready to enroll a new organization, you can head to the "Enroll Your Organization" page. On this page, you'll enter your organization name (which should be entered as you want it to appear on your organization profile), select your legal form, provide your EIN, and create a Service Year URL (i.e. what you will want your public profile URL to be on ServiceYear.org). 

Once you’ve completed enrolling your organization, you’ll have access to your organization dashboard. This will be your team’s main access point to add information and get to key places on ServiceYear.org. 

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