Updating recruitment listings

Extend your application deadline, reactivate your listing from last year, or close your listing if you finish recruitment early.

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If you have an existing recruitment listing, learn how to close your application window early, extend your application deadline, and reopen it for next year. 

Reopening your listing for your next recruitment cycle

When you are ready to recruit for next year, you can head to your "Listings" tab and edit your listing as needed for your upcoming recruitment. Remember that if you previously set your listing to "Private," you'll need to toggle it back to "Public" so that candidates can discover it, again. 

When updating your listing, pay particular attention to editing these fields, which are all in the “Application Information” section of a listing:

  1. Application Start/End Dates: Set the application start date to when you would like to begin accepting applications, and the application end date to when you are intending to close your application. Your listing will remain active whenever it is within this window. If your team ends up recruiting past the end date you set, you can always go back later and extend that.

  2. Application "Next Steps" and URL to additional requirements: You have the option to describe next steps in your application process, and link to an offsite app if needed. If you included directions and/or a link in your listing from last year, make sure to check that this info is still up to date for your current recruitment. This article provides extra guidance on describing next steps in your application process

Along with updating those fields, make sure to update your position start/end dates, and spot check the rest of your listing to make sure it is all up to date, as well. 

Closing your Listing

If you finish recruiting for your listing prior to the original deadline you set, there are two ways you can prevent your listing from accepting further applications:

  1. You can set the listing to private (which completely removes it from public view). To make a listing private, go to your "Listings" tab, click directly on the name of your listing (rather than clicking edit), and toggle the listing from public to private. If taking this option, you'll just want to be sure to set it to public again when you're ready to recruit next year. 

  2. You can update the "application end date" to be any date prior to today. This will keep the listing public, but show that it is not accepting applications any longer (and prevent candidates from applying). To update the application end date, go to your "Listings" tab, click "edit" beneath the name of the listing, and update that field (which is located in the “Application Information” section).

Extending your deadline

Alternately if you end up needing to recruit past your anticipated deadline, simply move the "Application end date" in your listing to a later date, which will allow you to continue receiving applicants until your listing has been filled. 

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