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A great profile on ServiceYear.org has some or all of these elements:

  • Profile picture: While this doesn’t need to be a professional picture where you’re in dress clothes, you should use a photo you’d be comfortable sharing when applying for a service year opportunity. 

  • Cover photo: This is the background photo that goes at the top of your profile. Oftentimes, people choose to put a picture of a landscape, skyline, or something artistic.

  • Why I want to serve section: This should be one to two paragraphs explaining your motivation for serving.

  • About Me section: This should be one to two paragraphs giving some info on your background (e.g. your education, long-term ambitions, hobbies, etc.)

  • Characteristics: Are you more of a creative type or an analytic? Big-picture thinker or a details person? 

  • Qualifications or Certifications: Are you certified in CPR? Any important skills that will make you stand out?

  • Location: Indicate what city and state you’re in so that nearby organizations can make a recommendation to you.

  • Education: Whether you’re a college grad or still pursuing your high school diploma, you can share your education background.

  • LinkedIn Profile: You have the option of including a link to your LinkedIn Profile if you would like to share it.

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