Prospective candidates can find your listings in one of three ways:

  • They see it as a suggested match
  • They search for it
  • You recommend your listing

When a prospective candidate finds a listing they think might be a good fit, they can click the "I'm Interested" button on the listing. This connects them to your offsite application, and will also send the listing point of contact on your team a notification. You'll be able to view profile and contact information for all interested candidates.

While candidates will be able to access your offsite application if you've provided a link, you can also follow up with them directly to encourage them to apply, or to set up an interview. You can use the "Send Message" feature to follow up with next steps or reminders. To access this,  click on a candidates' card, and select "Send Message" to create and send them a message.

You can also use their provided email and/or phone number to reach out to them.

Tracking Candidates:

You can add internal notes on candidates for you and other team members to track. To add a note to a candidate, you can:

  • Go to "Candidates" tab in the Corps Member section of your dashboard
  • Click directly on the candidate's name
  • Enter and save a note

Declining and Enrolling Candidates:

If you are no longer considering a candidate, click "Decline" to remove them from your funnel. If you'd like, you can reach out to these candidates to recommend that they check out other opportunities on that might be a good fit. Additionally, if you think the candidate might be a good fit down the road, you can click the "Save for Later" button on their corps member profile so that they stay in your Leads tab, even after you've declined them.

If you accept any candidates through your offsite application process, you can click the "Enroll" button to enroll them. This will give your accepted corps members access to any benefits offered through (In 2017, this includes eligibility to apply for a relocation voucher through our partnership with Airbnb).

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