If your organization sponsors multiple service year programs, you can determine if it makes sense to enroll as one organization, or as multiple. In some instances, it might make sense to utilize separate accounts, such as if your programs use separate branding, websites, and recruitment practices. Depending on how your organization wants to approach joining, there are two primary options you can choose:

  1. Create a shared account for your organization’s programs. If you take this approach, you would enroll the organization, add any staff who will be managing the account as administrators, create a general organization profile, and add positions for each program. On ServiceYear.org, you can group positions together under a program, which would display them in one section on the profile, and would give you a chance to add a brief description of each program's work.
  2. You also have the option create separate accounts for each of the AmeriCorps programs. This would mean having a completely separate profile for each program, and having each account managed by that program's staff. If you want to take this option, you could do so by registering your organization under a fiscal agent (using the organization's EIN), and then use your program as the organization name. This option might make sense if you did not want to have multiple programs managing the same account. Please note that if you take this option, each program will be counted as a separate account for membership purposes.

Please reach out if you want to talk through the best structure for enrolling your organization.

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