Every organization that wants to become certified and use ServiceYear.org for recruitment needs to create and submit a position.

Positions refer to your overall program model for hosting one or more corps members. You'll outline the service corps members will do, note how they'll be trained and supported, and include how many members you have overall. A position must be submitted and approved for certification before you can begin recruitment. In many instances, you might just be adding one position, even if you are recruiting for multiple corps members. 


A program is an optional way to group positions together on your profile. You can add a program at any time, and can move existing positions in or out of a program as needed. This is completely optional, and likely only makes sense to add if you are adding multiple types of positions that you would like to group together. 

Here's how a program would display on your profile:


You can start recruiting for certified positions at any time by publishing a recruitment listing. 

We’ve broken out listings into a separate step to give you more flexibility with how you recruit. For instance, if you are recruiting in multiple locations with different recruitment windows and points of contact, you have the option to create separate listings with different points of contact, and also tailor the listing description to make it specific to that location. If your organization uses multiple placement sites, you could also create separate listings to recruit for each of those individually. If it makes sense for your organization to just have one listing, that works, too!

Please note: you will not be able to add and save a listing until after you have a certified position.

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