When you enroll a service year corps member on ServiceYear.org, you have the option to add notes during the year. This can be a way to track your check-ins, track progress that they have made, and track trainings they have participated in.

How to add a note:

  • Go to the "Enrolled" tab in the "Corps Member" section of your organization dashboard
  • Click on the corps member's name
  • Click "View Details" under their position name
  • Select "Add a new note" to create a note

Encourage your corps members to post to their "Journey"

Your enrolled corps members can post about their experiences and reflections throughout their service year. From the moment they are accepted, they can begin to add content to their "Journey" tab. They'll receive suggested prompts based on where they are in the service year: just matched, started service, or completed service.

Corps members can choose to keep this content private, but they also have the option to post to their profiles, and tag your organization when publishing. Posts can include photos and written text. Depending on the post, this could be content your organization would want to feature, or content that could count toward reflection activities corps members complete throughout their service year. 

If you want ideas about best utilizing "Journey" posts, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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