Enrolling candidates:

When you enroll a candidate, that means that you have accepted them via your offsite application process. You should only complete this step for accepted service year corps members. You should leave candidates you are still considering for the position in your funnel, and decline any candidates that you will not be accepting.

Enrolling a candidate will flag them as a serving corps member in your organization on their public profile.

How to enroll candidates:

In the “Corps Members” section of your organization dashboard, click the “Enroll” button on your corps member's card. You'll be asked to complete a brief form adding start/end date, supervisor, and location. This information will be pre-populated based on your listing, but you'll have the opportunity to edit if needed.

If you are enrolling multiple members, you can do so via the “Listing Details” page. You can navigate there by going to your “Listings” tab, and clicking directly on the listing name. In the candidates table, select the checkbox next to any candidates you are enrolling, then select “Enroll.”

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