What it means when you click "I'm Interested"

You should click the "I'm Interested" button on any listing that you'd like to apply for. If a listing looks interesting, but the timing isn't right for you to apply, you can also choose to click the "Save for Later" button and come back to it another time.

Anytime you tell an organization you're interested, we'll send them a notification and a link to check out your profile. They'll be able to start to learn more about your background, and will also receive your contact info so that they have the option to follow up with you.

Next steps after letting them know you're interested

If the organization provided a link or info about how to apply, it’s a great idea to get started on the application since many organizations have application deadlines. You don't have to wait to hear back from the organization to begin your application. 

What if I applied but haven't heard back?

If you’ve already applied and aren’t sure about your application status, you can follow up directly with the organization. Organization staff also have many responsibilities and might be hearing from other candidates as well, so they might not be able to follow up with you right away.

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