Eligible host organizations can join ServiceYear.org at the basic or premium access level. Your organization will be set up to have basic access when you first join, and you can upgrade your account to premium at any time.

Premium Access

In addition to the basic access benefits below, activating premium access allows your organization to recruit candidates, receive applications, and unlock all of the best practice guides, toolkits, and webinars in the Service Year Resource Hub. Your organization will also be eligible for discounts on other offerings from Service Year Alliance as applicable. View the full list of benefits on our hosting page

Basic Access 

Join our community by becoming certified and having a dynamic organization profile. Invite your service year corps members to join ServiceYear.org, and they’ll receive a virtual companion to their experience where they can post and share stories from their service year, view guides and resources, and receive news and updates on opportunities such as virtual career and higher education fairs. Your organization can also utilize free resources in the Service Year Resource Hub. 

There is no cost for using basic access features. 

FAQs on basic and premium access:

How much does premium access cost?
Here is a link to our pricing chart. Pricing is for an annual rate, and is scaled based on the number of corps members your organization hosts during a program year. There are different partner discounts noted in the chart. If your organization enrolls your service year corps members from your current or last program year, you are also eligible for a 25% discount. Please reach out to our team with any questions or concerns about your price.    

Do we need to have premium access in order to receive applications and find candidates?
Yes. Access to all recruitment functionality is only available to organizations with premium access.

What’s the difference between premium access and membership?
Service Year Alliance has rebranded membership as “premium access” to help streamline and clarify the offerings available on ServiceYear.org for host organizations. We’ve also made some technical updates that  allow all organizations—regardless of access level—to deliver resources and opportunities directly to their corps members. Providing a virtual companion to support service year corps members during their service year and beyond is an essential part of our mission, and we’re committed to making our resources accessible to every service year corps member.

How do I start our premium access?
Check out this article for details on how to get started. 

Have additional questions? Interested in premium but not sure about the price?
Just use the chat icon to start a conversation with our team, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions via chat or on the phone.

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